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Author and Book Launch Services


Have you ever dreamed about being a bestselling author?

Do you have a message or story you need to share and want to leave it as a legacy?

Is there a training, method or formula you want to get out to help others with?

Do you want to raise your profile and add author, speaker or celebrity CEO to your resume?

Then becoming an author may be an answer for you.

You can have us create the book for you from cover design to inside layout all the way to bestseller book launch.

Wonder if becoming an author is an answer for you?

  • The greatest way to instantly establish credibility
  • Brilliant marketing opportunity for your brand and business and strongest tool there is Increase trust and authority
  • Leader in your market
  • Part of your legacy
  • Books can be sold or given away as promotions
  • Books have a real perceived value which makes them an appreciated gift. They are never thrown away.
  • It is also common practice for savvy marketers to bundle their books with coaching programs, or other products and services to increase the resell value significantly.
  • Speakers are differentiated and picked based on authorship
  • TV appearance bookings are increased when an author is presented

Put it on steroids when the book is a bestseller. That is a title you will hold for life.


The moment I understood the importance of being a best seller to take me from obscurity to,authority, I knew in my bones that writing a book was a must. I decided to write my own book at the same time that I decided to write a chapter in Tracy Repchuk’s book, Start Right Marketing.

The thing is, the more I learned about what it takes to write your own book and to have a successful best seller launch, the more daunting it became, and I felt very discouraged. In fact, I haven’t gotten any further on my own book than jotting down some notes here and there. Meanwhile, Tracy Repchuk made me an Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author with her collaborative book! I had told myself that just being in a book with Tracy felt like enough, and that a best seller would be nice. Maybe I didn’t want to expect too much. Adding the “#1″ and “international” gave me a thrill that really surprised me to feel. Everything I’m doing as an entrepreneur suddenly felt more “real,” and achievements I had reserved for others now feel completely possible for me, too. It certainly wasn’t the first time that Tracy did something so tremendous for me that it brought tears to my eyes and grew me many times over. Participating in the launch was a wonderful experience. Tracy orchestrated everything so beautifully, that I knew exactly what to do. I witnessed the power of purposeful social media, as an insider, for the first time. Another first for me will be the telesummit with Tracy, that she is doing as an extra bonus for each of the authors in her book. It will be my first one, and to do it with her on the line, and have access to her tribe, it a really incredible opportunity for me. There is no way I would have jumped into this on my own – it wasn’t even on my radar. Having Tracy in my life is nothing short of a blessing. Oh, another thing I want to mention, is that earlier this year a story I wrote was published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, but not in my area of marketing/copywriting. I was actually assigned my own PR agent, paid for by CSS – and didn’t hold a candle to Tracy! Not even close to being a best seller, even though it was a small category.

Michele Camacho, NY